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Submissions checklist

Please ensure that all requirements on the following checklist have been met before submitting your article.

  1. Previous submission or publication:
  • Articles must not be currently before another journal for consideration.
  • If your article was previously submitted to another journal, formal written evidence of the rejection or withdrawal of the article from the original place of submission is required.
  • Articles must not be previously published in English.
  • Previous publication in another language must be disclosed in the “Notes for the Editor” field when submitting.
  • If your article is based on a conference paper, the requirements in Author Guidelines – Preparing articlesmust be met.
  • Any exceptional circumstances should be disclosed in the “Notes for the Editor” field when submitting.
  1. Formatting:

The text meets the formatting requirements outlined in Author Guidelines – Preparing articles.

  1. File type:

The submission file must be in PDF/word file format only.

  1. Experts’ details:

You have identified four experts (names, full addresses and expertise) in the subject of your article.

  1. Author identification:

Check that you have removed all author identification (names and affiliations) and any acknowledgements from the main file that you are going to submit. Please make sure that authors’ names are not included in the document/file properties. Do not remove the title, abstract or the keywords from your article.


When all of the above requirements have been met, submit your article through SAR Online Submissions System.

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